IFLAI wins the Startup Camp 2022 Pitching Competition

Picture by Jonas Sandwall, Chalmers Ventures.


IFLAI emerged victorious at the Startup Camp 2022 pitching competition, organized by Chalmers Ventures. The competition, which took place on Tuesday, 15 March 2022, from 16:00 to 19:00, featured ten ambitious teams that had undergone rigorous training at the Startup Camp, where they developed and honed their company ideas.

These ten teams took to the stage to pitch their innovative business concepts to a discerning panel of entrepreneurial experts, their fellow competitors, and all business coaches at Chalmers Ventures. In a tightly contested competition, IFLAI distinguished itself by securing first place, demonstrating exceptional creativity, business acumen, and the potential for significant impact in their industry.

The victory at the Startup Camp 2022 pitching event not only highlights IFLAI’s promising future but also underscores the importance of platforms like Chalmers Ventures in nurturing and recognizing emerging talent in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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