Great AI doesn’t need Great data

Revolutionizing biomedical image analysis with minimal data through our real-time, end-to-end active learning platform for unparalleled accuracy and speed.

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IFLAI empowers organizations to achieve breakthroughs within biomedical research 10X faster

With this AI-based software we can focus on the experiment and let the computer do the heavy-lifting, allowing us to spend time on development.

Patrik Sundh Cline Scientific, CEO

How it works

Featuring a dynamic active learning loop designed to evolve with user interaction.

The software improves its accuracy and efficiency over time by learning from minimal user inputs and feedback, refining its algorithms to reduce reliance on large datasets.

Experience an end-to-end data exploration journey with our Analysis Genius designed to guide users through insightful analysis with minimal effort.

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EUR 0/14 days

Ideal for individuals and small teams exploring our software, the Trial plan offers free access to essential tools and functionalities. It’s a risk-free way to experience how our solutions can enhance your workflow. Perfect for those in the early stages of business or exploring options.

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EUR 49/month

The Essentials plan offers core software functionalities, regular updates, and basic customer support. It’s a budget-friendly choice for businesses seeking reliability and a predictable billing cycle, providing everything you need to keep your operations smooth and efficient.


EUR 199/month

The Premium plan boosts your efficiency with additional computational resources, reducing analysis times significantly. Ideal for businesses requiring faster outcomes, this plan offers advanced support and features to streamline your workflow and enhance productivity.


Custom pricing per your requirements

The Enterprise plan offers customized solutions for businesses with specific, complex needs. We collaborate closely to craft a tailored solution, with pricing based on the solution’s complexity and customization. Suited for large organizations or those requiring bespoke services.

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